Muse Systems

Implementation Management

Muse Systems provides a complete range of business system implementation services. From new system selection to full-cycle project management, our implementation experts can guide your team in the complex endeavor of adopting new business systems.

New Systems Selection

Every successful business system implementation starts with selecting the right system.

However, choosing the right system can be bewildering. Relying on internal stakeholders to manage the selection process without guidance from experienced business system professionals increases the risk of miscommunication with prospective vendors, increased time to select a system, and/or feature/function mismatches that may only be found after a system has been acquired.

Muse Systems has the experience need to guide its clients through the process of selecting a new business system. Our systematic approach minimizes the likelihood surprises and helps both our clients and the prospective system vendors to better set the project up for success from the outset. Our experience covers:

Not all clients and not all system purchases require all of the processes listed. Knowing how to size the diligence effort is another way we apply our experience to ease your team through the new systems acquisition process.

Implementation Project Planning & Management

Navigating the implementation of a new business system can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re not in the business of new system implementation.

Muse Systems is in the business of guiding clients through the process of bringing new business systems into productive use. From planning to project execution, we work to achieve the best outcomes for our clients by adapting industry standard project management techniques to the client’s needs. Our typical projects follow the pattern:

While all projects will tend to follow the general pattern outlined above, matching the degree of effort to the minimum complexity of the project and the size of the team is more art than science. Having Muse System’s deep experience and judgment guiding your project can help keep your staff more focused on your core business issues rather than the systems project.

Deployment Support

Once you reach the end of the implementation project, you face one of the most exciting, and stressful, events in the project: going live. Even with all the best planning, testing, and retesting, problem situations and unforeseen circumstances will nonetheless arise.

Muse Systems continues to stand by your team as you cross the threshold of implementing a new system to the new system being the daily driver for your team.

Muse Systems gives your team the extra surety, support, and confidence they need to keep moving forward with the new system.