Muse Systems

Application Development

Muse Systems offers a variety of business systems related software development services.

Information Architecture and Databases

Getting questions answered requires that the information exists in such a way that the answer can be extracted. Yet many databases are constructed only considering how a single application might need to store and maintain the data. Application interaction is important, but is simply not the only concern.

Muse Systems understands how to architect information in ways that facilitate performant applications while also preserving the semantics and meaning of the information being collected.

Projects include:

Data Integration & Data Migration

Many organizations need to share information between systems and trading partners. However, the systematic sharing of information is a difficult problem. Timing, information life-cycle, and information availability differences between systems ultimately have to be accounted for when performing systems integrations or migrating data from one system to another.

Muse Systems has experience designing and building integrations between systems. We also have performed data migrations in the context of new business system adoption and corporate mergers involving merged data sets.

Projects include:


While most non-technology businesses rightfully try to avoid custom software development, there are times where the market isn’t producing adequate off-the-shelf solutions and benefits are too compelling to ignore.

Muse Systems is experienced in developing custom solutions for existing COTS ERP systems and fully bespoke application development.

Projects include: