Muse Systems

About Us

Muse Systems is a small business systems implementation and software development consultancy based in San Francisco, CA; USA. It was founded as a vehicle for the consulting efforts of Steven C. Buttgereit. We do occasionally work with others under our name and agreements, but largely Steven does the work.

The premise of our business is providing a good quality of service in an honest, straight forward way. While many consultancies search for ways to extend their billable hours by any means and using any excuse, we always work diligently to ensure that the time we bill brings with it reasonable value to the client.

What Muse Systems Does

We are dedicated to the systems with which you manage your business. Our services and products are geared towards your internal staff and management and less so the public.

What Muse Systems Doesn’t Do

While we’re fairly broad in the business systems topics we’ll get involved in, there are limits.

Muse Systems is happy to work in tandem on projects with the providers of those services as well as helping our clients find providers specializing in those subjects.

About Steven C. Buttgereit

Steven started Muse Systems to be the vehicle through which he consults to manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses.

Steven has an extensive history in business systems related project management and with the design and development of business related software solutions.

Steven brings a unique mix of business domain knowledge and technical acumen to the table. Informed by a career spanning managerial, professional services, and hands-on technical roles, Steven brings both a depth and breadth of experience to his client’s projects.

Steven lives in San Francisco, California, USA with his wife and son.

For more about Steven’s professional background, see the resume at his personal website